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We provide a diverse combination of marketing services and match them with the current needs of each client.   While some businesses need help getting started with the basics, others have well established brands and require assistance implementing a new component.

We consistently work with business owners, general managers, and marketing directors to reach their marketing goals and objectives.  Our Idaho Falls marketing services are categorized into three sections; marketing, advertising and sales.


Our Idaho Falls Marketing services include tasks related to research, strategy and implementation.

Kip working with a client.


The research performed helps clearly identify a client’s target market, ascertain where your business fits in the marketplace, and reviews any existing business and marketing plans with a candid evaluation of effectiveness.


With a clear picture of a client’s current situation and specific goals or objectives for accomplishment recognized, marketing strategies can be developed and prepared for execution.


With a marketing plan in force we take part in a variety of levels depending on the client’s need.  As simple as website development and extensive as playing an executive management role.  We fill in the gaps that fit the needs of your business.


The advertising component of our Idaho Falls marketing services include the production of marketing materials, purchasing of advertisement, and finally, tracking the results of the initiative.

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We produce a variety of marketing materials and advertisements.  From brochures, print ads, to websites, we create the content and graphics that will put your business in the best light.  Most of all it is based on sound research and strategy objectives.


Most of our clients are busy enough running their business than to take calls from advertising sales people.  When they do, many are unclear which advertising opportunities represent a good purchase.  We can help identify appropriate opportunities and negotiate advertisement buys and ensure a fair price.  In essence, we make sure that the advertisement you purchase will not only reach your target audience but also give you the most bang for your buck.

We have no bias as advertising sales representatives do.  We only suggest advertisements that will be most effective.  We make no commissions for advertisement sales and accept no kick-backs as is common with traditional advertising agencies.  In fact, we pass along the negotiated savings to our clients.

Tracking & Adjusting

With any advertising purchase, we make sure that tracking is in place to ascertain if the effectiveness of the advertisement.  With the data received, we can then continue the advertisement or adjust it in an effort to receive a better draw on the advertisement.


Establishing an effective sales force requires a balance of sales technique and effective communication to the customer.  Our agency provides the bridge between a marketing concept and effective sales efforts.  In business, everyone that works within a company sells in one way or another.  We work with employees and sales teams to maximize their selling efforts.

Sales TrainingKip working with a medical client.

We provide sales training to sales teams or to employees in general.  The fundamental sales structure is taught with an emphasis of properly presenting the features, benefits and advantages of a product or service.


In sales situations where presentation materials are needed, we provide the production of the sales tools that are most effective to clearly communicate the selling points that make the biggest impact to those that purchase your product.


Closing a deal is the natural conclusion of a well presented discussion about a product or service.  We prepare documents that lead the customer to commit and complete a purchase.

Idaho Falls marketing services: 
Market research, strategy and execution.  Advertising production, purchasing and tracking.  Sales training, presenting and closing deals.