Why Kipper J Marketing?  The following list outlines the top reasons clients choose Kipper J Marketing and consider them as one of the best marketing agencies available: 

1. Experience

Founder and Chief Consultant, Kip Nield, has nearly three decades of hand-on experience spanning both small business and corporate America.  This wealth of experience has proven to enhance, and in many cases, sling-shot newly developed marketing plans into action.

2. Foundation of Fundamentals

The first order of business with Kipper J Marketing is to make sure a solid marketing plan is in play and being properly executed.  Some plans exist through which we can play an essential role.  In some cases, we develop the marketing plan that will be poised to direct all marketing efforts.  In either case, we ensure the plan is executed to its successful realization.

3. Website Development Proficiency

In our experience, we have consulted with and developed hundreds of business websites.  Our unique website development framework allows us to be efficient in the development and maintenance of our customers’ websites.

4. Digital Marketing Expertise

Our digital marketing expertise gives Kipper J Marketing an edge to develop and drive modern-day marketing.  From SEO, website hosting and e-commerce, to the most popular social media apps, we know the technology that drives the most effective digital marketing.

Marketing agency based in Idaho Falls displaying marketing success.

5. The Unique Talent of Training & Teaching

It is one thing to develop knowledge through study and experience but a completely different thing to be able to teach and train people essential and intragral marketing concepts.  Founder, Kip Nield, has been revered as “a gifted educator.” Kip has the unique ability to break-down difficult concepts and present them in a way that is easy to understand and follow.  He is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge in the art of marketing! Over the past two decades, his online articles and webinars have reached thousands of business owners across the country.

6. Employee Development

Unique to a marketing agency, Kipper J Marketing provides seminars and even custom employee development training designed to prepare an organization’s workforce to properly reflect it’s brand image and marketing objectives.

7. Comprehensive Services

Kipper J Marketing provides all of the services that a business will need to establish an effective marketing plan along with the tools and resources necessary to launch the plan into action.  From website development and digital marketing to training and tracking, we do what it takes to succeed.

8. Customer Success

Success speaks for itself and Kipper J Marketing have many clients that show proven results.  From high-tech companies to medical offices, our success speaks for itself.  See our success stories.

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