Idaho Falls Sales – Training

Believe it or not, even the best product or service will not sell itself without a little salesmanship.  Our Sales training service provides the most effective sales techniques that are based of the strongest sales elements highlighted in your marketing plan.  Identifying your product and service features, benefits and advantages, we train your sales team how to effectively sell your offering. 
Sales CycleSales cycles also known as sales funnels have a variety of steps that will differ from product to product and industry to industry. However, the basic sales steps remain consistent. As we explore your specific industry, we will identify the sales cycle that matches your niche and provide specific training elements to maximize sales.

Sales Aids

In all sales situations, sales aids are an integral part of the sales process.  In some situations a PowerPoint presentation will be effective when in other situations, it can actually deter a sale.  Certainly collateral material and a well designed website can assist in the sales process for your business.  Traditional and more creative items that appeal to your target market will increase sales if you use them correctly.  We show your sales team which tools to use and how to most effectively employ them.

Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

In the sales field, keeping track of your leads and potential customers as they move through the sales process is critical.  When you have an effective way to track your sales leads, your sales efficiency rises and you can maximize your advertising dollars spent and increase your return on advertising investment.

Sales is an art form and like any masterpiece, it takes a lot of patience and persistance.