Idaho Falls Marketing Plan Execution

Once a marketing plan has been developed it crucial to execute the plan in accordance with the direction of the business.  Some businesses are poised to launch while others require some internal development before the marketing plan is executed.  We provide the services necessary to execute the marketing plan.  We provide employee development, project management and executive management services.  We bridge the gap between marketing plan and marketing plan implementation.

Employee Development

We provided workshops and seminars catered to the needs of your business.  Seminars focus on the marketing communication (MarCom) subject matter that is necessary to establish the consistency between advertising to product and service offering.  In some cases, a secret shopper experience is conducted and the results are divulged to show strengths and necessary improvements.  In every case, employees come away well informed and trained to support the brand.

Project Management

In some situations, office managers are pulled so many ways that they are unable to sustain the necessary focus to effectively market their business.  We provide project management services that insure campaigns are consistent and performed according to schedule.

We provide scheduling and production management assistance to produce advertisements.   We work with your existing web developers, designers, graphic artists, video producers and virtually anyone that your business may already have a relationship with.  Alternatively, we can work as your marketing department to produce your advertisements.

Executive Management

With our experience in the business world, we have the unique ability to provide executive management services.  Small businesses who can no or do not want to invest in full-time employees find our service a huge advantage.  Without paying for full time benefits including the rising costs of healthcare, we can serve as your Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Marketing, or Marketing Director.

We will be as involved as you would like as we implement your newly developed marketing plan.