Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the current buzz in the online marketing arena. As we approach social media for our clients, we make sure that we understand the objectives of the client before we begin to make suggestions of which social media sites to use.

There are literally hundreds of social media sites but we focus on what we believe to be the top social media sites. While we may focus on the top social media sties may be useful in our clients’ marketing efforts, other social media sites will be reviewed and considered.

Here is a quick overview of the top social media sites:

Facebook – social media marketing website

Facebook is currently the leading social networking service that can be a key component in many marketing campaigns. Facebook can be used to complement traditional advertising or as an advertising tool by itself. The utilities provided by Facebook are very effective and its advertising options has the unique capability to reach a very well defined demographic.

Twitter – social media marketing network

Twitter is a social networking service that utilizes text messages as its delivery medium. The text messages, called “tweets.” Twitter can be strategically used to quickly communicate with an audience to effectively deliver short messages. Messages, although limited to 140 characters, can be a powerful avenue for communication.

Pinterest – Social media marketing network

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media websites that allows its users to share interests. Users save images, articles and other Interests by “pinned” them in categories called “boards.” Followers with similar interests follow others’ boards, which provides an opportunity for businesses to tap into. Pinterest is heavily used and followed by a female audience however male audiences are growing.

YouTube – Social media marketing network

YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows a medium through which people can share videos. While most of the videos on YouTube are amateur videos, businesses can utilize the website to post how-to videos and other marketing messages. The website greatly simplifies the process to share a video message on a business website by imbedding the YouTube code to serve as the video player.

Google + social media marketing network

The Google+ service is an “identity” service. There are several elements within the Google+ social networking website. Several components provide opportunity for businesses to connect to its customers and fans. On a local level, Google+ Local and Maps allow businesses to post photos and information and includes a tool to feature reviews from customers.