The term marketing is tossed around with loose meaning in the business world.  What is the difference between marketing, advertising, and sales?  Is there a difference? How do you get your “bid idea” to market?  

A Crash Course in Marketing

Marketing agency seminar - fundamentals of marketingThis seminar is specifically designed  to provide a comprehensive view of all aspects of marketing and organizes the tried and true marketing concepts and presents them into easy-to-understand nuggets.  

In this training seminar you will learn:

  • Marketing Mastery Makeup
  • Key Marketing Plan Elements
  • The Significance of Research & Psychographics
  • The Pitfalls of Premature Advertising 
  • Branding Mojo

This understanding can immediately be used in the development of one’s marketing and/or business plan.   The seminar is designed for  business owners, medical professionals or entrepreneurs who need a modern-day outline of marketing.

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