You feel like you need to advertise and an advertising sales rep presents you with a “special offer.”  Is it really a good deal?  Does it effectively reach your target market?  Will it promote the message that supports the foundation of your marketing plan?  

Advertising Campaign Development

Creating effective advertising campaigns that produce optimal results requires careful and strategic planning.  We’ll meticulously review your marketing plan along with your advertising goals then provide you with unbiased advertising campaign recommendations.

Our Agency vs Traditional Ad Agencies

Marketing agency - covid 19 test ad
Sample Ad

The presentation of unbiased advertising campaign recommendations is how we are different than an advertising agency!   We do not purchase ads wholesale and re-sell them with a lucrative markup. Nor do we represent a media outlet.  By doing so, the natural allegiance would lean to the media source selling the advertising, not you!   

At Kipper J Marketing, we are NOT an ad agency but we gather, review and make recommendations based on your best interests and negotiate on your behalf. 

We work with all sources of media and know their pricing structures.  We’ll make sure you get a fair price for your advertising. 

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